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So, hey there, it’s been a very very long time huh, can’t believe i remembered the password to this darn account. But, i guess it’s a good start. I’ve had what some people call a very dramatic  past few months, but i like to say it’s the best coming of age story yet to write. Two best friends. one’s a player, the other one is just completely stupid. and then when the stupid one dumps the girl, the player falls in love. It’s weird. i’d get more into it but it’s been an amazing journey. I’m completely in over my head when i say this but.. i really am in love. shes got the eyes, the hair, the attitude, the smile and the greatest personality. She can always make me smile and laugh but this post is’t about her. But i love you.

I’ve been busy for most of my time, but i’ve decided to start a new story, a story that i will promise to actually keep writing and continue writing until i finish it. But before i start, i have to finish the one i’ve begun. So without much further adeau, here is the last installment of the Scarlet Letter;

I fell, my body hit the ground like a rock. I was bleeding from the gut, my heart stopped, and there was a hole in my head. The crowd was wild. The baby in the arms of the woman who took my seat was crying. Those were the last cries I heard before I died. Everyone was screaming, crying. I was motionless. Blood was flowing more heavily now. The man who shot me stared at me “I knew you were easy to kill just not this easy.Then again you deserves to die.”He moved closer puts a letter into my front pocket and walks away. Police men arrive outside, more cars than usual and then the Secret Service cruisers appear. The pitch black cars park and men after men come out, ready to fight against this terrorist we all know in one name. Moriarty

The man is still a few steps away, walking into the crowd but before he could disappear, Watson comes out of nowhere and tackles the man to the ground. He gets on top of him and starts brutally beating the man. ” I’LL KILL YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH”…. you can actually hear the man’s head bounce back up from hitting the marble floor.” Everyone was out. There was Watson, the man in the mask, and a dead body. The dead body of a man who was the master at catching criminals, the man who has never needed the help of anyone, a man who no matter what, is always right. Watson gets up. His fists still clenched, you can see a little blood on his knuckles. He walks over to me and gets on his knees. Starts to cry. “Sherlock…. why, why do you always have to take the case.. this one I told you was dangerous.” His breathing becomes heavier, you can actually hear this grown ass man crying, like a kid who didn’t get what he wanted from the candy store.”HOLMES!!” he screamed my name.”You are and always will be the greatest human to ever walk this bloody earth. you can’t leave me, I need you everyone needs you.” He wouldn’t touch me, he wouldn’t even open his eyes to look at me when he was saying all these things. that’s probably cause, that body is not me.

Moriarty got back up, spit out a mouthful of blood. “Poor Holmes…” He walks over to me. kicks my body” “YOU DO NOT TOUCH HIM YOU LOW CRUEL PIECE OF TRASH” “Woah waoh waoh, calm down Watson, you and i both know that this was just a game.” he smiled at Watson. “GAME?! YOU killed the only friend I had, i have, and will have.” “Come on, you don’t think killing him would be that easy?” “I saw your plan, you disgust me” “I disgust you?? HE DISGUSTS ME!” the echo heard in the room. “HE lives, catching criminals, saving people, he’s a god damn national hero!” “HE is a hero, and three times the man you will ever be” “I beat him, at his game, three times actually, i also took what mattered to him and used it against him” Watson looked confused “I’ll kill you right now” Takes out a gun but before he can do anything “WAtson” the name echoed in the room, He looked confused, It wasn’t Moriarty.” they both looked around the room. “Look up you blabbering idiots” they looked up and there I was. Smiling, holding the rifle, pointing right at Moriarty. “We finally meet, for real this time i guess” They both looked at the body, there lay one of my favorite ideas ever. “You see, it’s not hard for someone to make a mask, come on, you think i didn’t think of this idea before?” Moriarty starts clapping “well played Holmes, well played indeed. He starts walking away, Watson holds the gun “Face us you coward” “Let him be John, We’ll see him again won’t we Moriarty?” He turned around. Took off his mask, and there was Watson. “Nobody has ever seen me” he laughs menacingly and walks away. “Oh and Holmes. Do read my letter. it’s the last one you’ll ever get.”

Watson went over to the body, and took out the letter. “Should I open it Holmes?” he looked up but i was gone. He stared at the letter, thinking, and finally i came out of the elevator and snatched it out of his hand. “He said this is the last letter i’ll ever get. not read.” “But come on, we all ready won, what else is there for us to do?” I looked at him, and he looked at me “i’m the only friend you have?” Watson punched me across the face. “i’m sorry, John, well you can use the letter to wipe away your tears” and he punched me again. we both started laughing, We Won. 



Watson’s Escape

Dear Reader, so I’m sure you’ve realized this but I’ve been missing the whole story. I don’t know how long it’s been but it feels like a lifetime. From what I remember, the last time I was seen, before being kidnapped,was at that bank robbery. We had just received the second letter from Moriarty and we all split up to look for more evidence. I entered the alley to smoke and then it all went black. I woke up in this basement. Dark; one light in the distance next to the stairs, it flickers every couple of minutes. I can hear the rodents running around here and there. I was terrified, what if one tried eating me. The only way out was on the other side of the room. I knew my time and Sherlock’s time was running out. OH the horrible things Moriarty is doing to Sherlock up there. But from what I know, Sherlock would’ve all ready beaten him if he hadn’t kidnapped me.

My hands were tied to the ceiling and I just hung there. Every now and then this man comes down to feed me, after I finish eating (Which takes a while since there is no blood in my arms) he hangs me by the feet for a while. This would happen every meal so i could probably tell what date or time it is but then again, it’s the same old food every time; an apple, soup and bread. At first i wouldn’t eat but now every meal feels like a feast. I though and thought of a way out but I was out of energy and tired and possibly broken. Today, the man brought down chicken, bread and a potato. I figured that they definitely don’t want me dead and with that being said, I slowly ate the food, letting blood flow around my body.  I took in the energy from and food and figured now was my way out.

Every time I needed to use the bathroom the man would untie me, hold a gun and walk me upstairs. Usually it’s dark upstairs too but this time there was light everywhere. We were in a school, a university. But nobody is supposed to be in here. The university was shut down three years ago for the discovery of lice termites. But as usual, he walked me into the bathroom and stood outside of the stall. ” You try anything funny, you’ll loose bathroom privileges. after I finished, my whole body was awake, I was able to move freely. I opened the door, the man holding the gun and smiling. Within a flash, I disarmed him, hit two pressure points in both arms and one on the chest. (I am a doctor for a reason) Then a simple beating to the face. He was down. I took the gun and ran.

The first thing I saw when I stumbled out was the exit. Thinking that it would be way too easy, I decided to explore, that way i could find out what is going on. “NO NO NO, We had a deal, I tell you when the coast is clear and then you rob the bank, I’m done with this, give me my share or I’l–” BANG BANG BANG….. silence “Hey, what the bloody hell was that you buffoon? He was the only man we had who would actually wear and fit into the masks. Now I’m going to have to do it.” ” Sorry boss”. I slowly walked over and eavesdropped some more. ” Listen, Sherlock is scared enough, you should have seen the look on his face right before he got that letter……..hahaha……” the voices descended to silence. I peaked in and nobody was there. What was there was a body. shot twice and another body shot in the head.

I turned around and saw this big white board with words diagrams, graphs, statistics, history. I looked at the desk. Professor Dean Moriarty. He was the head of the Psychology department in this school. I read and kept reading faster knowing my time was short but then something caught my eye. There was the head of the victim from the bank robbery. It was just a s=mask but a really well constructed one. Before I could do anything the back room door opened ” And then when this third bank robbery takes place, we’ll draw straws and see who gets to do the honors” ” Boss, to be honest I’d like for you to do it, you’ve always wanted to do it” said the other man. “Listen, after it’s been done we’d have a very short amount of time before the Secret Agency, the special guards and the police show up.” And then they left the room. Trying to think what could possibly be the plan. I stared at the board and it hit me…..  the very last words on the bottom right corner of the board read “Shoot Sherlock  Holmes, Head, Chest, Gut”.

I was horrified, I needed to get out right now, i heard someone walking towards the room so i ducked under the desk. “Forgot my damn keys, where the hell are they, God dammit” he left the room but I could still hear him ” Boss I forgot the keys” “It’s okay, the only other person who has the keys to the basement is me, and Watson won’t be getting out soon” replied the devilish deep soothing voice of Moriarty. Then the lights went out, I heard a car start and leave. Then, there was silence.

The first thing I did was try to leave the school but the doors were shut. There was no way out. It was the dusk of morning and there was escape. I looked around trying to find something and then it hit me. “The idiot lost his keys” i went back into the room and searched. It was behind, what now isn’t there, the mask. They took it, it’ s happening today. Sherlock Holmes is going to die. I unlocked the door and ran. I was in the middle of nowhere, who builds a small university in the middle of a huge field. I found the road and just like Sherlock, tried to think where I should be going. The Bank of London seems like a good place to rob but the Bank of Manchester was closer. I finally stumbled into a street with many cars and found a cabbie. “Bank of Manchester please if you get there in fifteen I’ll triple it” he didn’t…. I got out of the car and bolted in front of the bank. As I looked inside I could see Sherlock sitting at the lobby. As I tried getting his attention, his attention was at the man walking towards him. The same man from the bank robbery. Sherlock stood up and I kept screaming “Sherlock!….. Holmes!!!” but he just stared at the man.  I saw the man form the back and he took out a gun. My eyes widened. I knew this was the end. BAAM BAAM BAAM Sherlock’s body fell. I couldn’t save him.

The Last Scarlet Letter: Beginnings

I was awake but dreaming. The anticipation of catching Moriarty was driving me crazy. and Lestrade not sending his files on time was just an addition to my pain. D.M; the initials just sticking to the back of my head but thank god Watson’s name was more important. I just want to look Moriarty in the eyes and win rather than have him hide behind phone calls and stupid letters. I even tried looking in the mirror and practiced some catchphrases for when I beat him. “You’ve just been Sherlocked in a cell !” it may sound horrible but that’s the best I could think of.

I glared at the screen until it popped up, Every name with the initials of D.M living in England. Dennis; Donald; David all too easy names. None though, seemed out of the ordinary. Not a single name had given me the chills. I asked Lestrade to fax over any names in the past month with the initials admitted to a clinic or hospital. Hours of wasted time and still nothing. It would’ve been easier with Watson by my side; Speaking of that, what horrible things Moriarty could be doing to him. And with those thoughts in mind, i decided to motivate myself. I took the best type of Marijuana laying in my apartment and well.. you know. The simplest of things now will help my find who D could be.

The answers are supposed to be right in front of me; It’s always has been; what’s stopping me know? And that’s how i found it. P.D.M Professor Dean Moriarty. Doesn’t even look the way I pictured him. “Ms. Hudson!”. She was in the other room trying to get rid of the stench but the damage had been done. ” Sherlock, once more, stop smoking indoors”. I told her what I found. ” Wow, yes he looks very familiar but he can’t be the crazy lunatic that’s been torturing you, He’s very well-groomed, he’s rich and he’s a professor, why would anyone like him try to joke around?” I stared into his eyes, felt like we were having a stare down and he was winning. ” He’s the only one that’s been in a hospital due to ” Animal” like injuries and he was about to be instated as the head psychiatrist for me”. Ms. Hudson confused ” About to be?” ” Remember that time I got busted with cocaine leaves? well he signed up three times to be appointed to me….. plus just look at him; dashing smile, evil behind those innocent eyes. I’m going to Mycroft’s”. ” Why though, thought you guys didn’t talk” asked ms Hudson as i got up ” He’s the only person i know that reminds me of Moriarty.

Now Mycroft isn’t as bad as I Described him to be. He’s just more successful and has amazing knowledge about most things than me, but then again he’s good at his job, and I’m good at mine. Some belive if we put our hatred aside and work together, we’d be unstoppable, but that’s like Watson and I. He works for the government, so-called secret agent but yet I’ve broken in more times than anyone else has… that too with no motive but to show off. This time like no other, was easy; by the time Mycroft came into his office, I had finished his Breakfast and half his stash of pot.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here? Where’s my food, why does it wreak of…” His face turning red ” You know that I don’t eat anything but the food that is served here!!” I just looked at him and smiled. Not because it’s funny to watch him flip out but because I expect this face on my new enemy. ” Shut up, you still have half of your other stash, how about inviting me over or coming down to visit next time you decide to go solo on a pipe”. He calmed down, took a deep breath and begun ” I don’t know why you’re here, I’m not giving you money because I’m running low due to …*points at the bag of heaven* and I’m not disclosing any files for the case you’re working on.” I tried to intrude but once a Holmes starts, there’s no stopping him. ” Plus there’s this lunatic that’s robbing banks and he robbed the Bank of London three days ago, many injuries, explosions, cool things, cause I’m a spy, still trying to find out who.” He talked more about his troubles with women, mother trying to talk to me and how he still wants to hire me as his head detective.” Listen, I don’t know how but we both need to work with each other on this.”

I told him about the whole deal with Moriarty and showed him the letters told him about Watson and how this Moriarty character is starting to turn out be quiet of a hassle. We tried to figure out the next bank but so far we were stuck between two. Both miles away from each other. ” Think of it this way, we’ll have the police and my own agents in on this. There is no way he is going to escape this time.” Mycroft starting to name his best agents. but even with those words I was concerned. ” He’s got the ability to clone people, he’s cloned Watson, he’ll do it to more” ” Yes, but where is he going to find more and more people willing to change the way they look forever?” ” Who said forever, it could be just a mask” we argued for hours and finally came upon the idea; He sends half his agents with me. half with him, I send half my men to him, the others stay with me. this time please, for Watson, I knew we were going to have him.

This time no disguises, well for me. Everyone else was trying to fit in but I knew that even i wouldn’t fall for a simple costume. I waited, sat in the small wooden waiting chairs appointed from the bank for the people. This confused me, I couldn’t understand why this was going to end well but it didn’t feel like it. Now what i liked about Mycroft’s agents (don’t tell him) was that they knew how to *fit in and look legitimate*. I was assigned four agents, three working as bank employees and one sniping from an isolated room on the top of the bank. The only way to get in was from the roof so it did ensure that he could take care of it. As I sat there looking for the professor, something else caught my eye. and I sent a signal to the sniper to alert Mycroft.

The man who gave me the last letter before I passed out. He was slowly walking to me. Sweating, looking nauseous, he was still smiling though. I remember that face because he’s the man who caught me off guard. And i figured out why the last letter was labeled ” Dead man Walking”. The employee that was found shot and killed from the first case slowly moving towards me. Shoving away any stranger in front of him. His objective was me and mine him. Well to be clear I’m sure it’s not the same man but probably a man in a mask. As he got closer his face became clearer. I stood up but didn’t move, a woman carrying a baby quickly took my seat. The sniper had his eyes set, the agents watching but also not drawing attention to them. the man finally came to a stop. We were ten feet apart face to face. Then the siren went off * Attention, the Bank of Manchester has been breached….. All officers of the law. The Bank of Manchester has been breached* as my attention went back from the speakers to the man, he had a gun pointed right at me. My eyes widened and as I saw a flash of light, I also realized this is it. BAAAM BAAAM BAAAM, shot three times.


The final part – The Last Scarlet Letter: Checkmate

coming out next friday

Best in the World

Anon Wiz




This week so far is coming along great. It was a great Monday. Didn’t think i would hang out with many people from my past. Its amazing how things between them and me. I always pictured each to become something they would never become just like others now. Speaking of that, isnt it weird how everyone’s changed over these years. Am i the only one that is still the same as i was two years ago? Anywhom, i hung out with two close friends from school and we were exactly like we were when we hung out a year before. Nothing was different. We looked the same. Acted the same. And treated each other the same. Now i hung out with each alone like usual. They are social but for some reason we always found ourselves alone talking.

Remember that friend who would sneak out and walk with you. Hold your hand. And just enjoy the company. No feelings rather than peace, safety, and adventurous. Ive never been so happy in a year than now. I feel wanted and not alone. There are people that even though they don’t know everything about you, they’ve always been the one to keep you smiling and believing.
Anywhom. Fourth of July today. Happy fourth of July guys. Hopefully more and more people start following me. Today was a great day cause even though i do the usual huff huff huff huff, i love my family and friends. Some friends i have gotten.closer to and some that are slowly drifting apart. Hopefully things get better but even then, this week many philosophical things are happening. Happy fourth of July.

No change
Anon Wiz

Here and There

so the past few months I’ve been very busy, got a new job, got my car driving around and trying to figure out why i can’t get things to go my way. recap on what happened. Remember that best friend I was talking about, the one that i for some reason can’t stop thinking about. Well. i think the only way to stop is by ending our friendship. now it’s not my fault you see. She just doesn’t understand that I’m the only one that has been there for her but i don’t care anymore. we had a conversation the other day and I ended it right there. i told her that I loved her and that if she keeps choosing others and other and others before me. then i might as well end it. i would’ve never said that but she is now going out with a friend of mine and I told her how i felt. I told her that he knows i love you, you know i love you but you both just have to mess with me. long story short i asked what she would do and she said ” Well I’m not just gonna end it because you finally want me. you’re just in my way right now.” and my little monologue consisted of “I’ve been there for you for a lifetime. and i’ll be there for you for the next one and the one after, and the way you’re treating me is like a dog. we might as well just end it right here” ” and without a word she nodded. i told her thanks. not for the ending of one of the best friendships in the world but by proving that you do lose two close friends when you wall in love. her reply was that she only lost one. my last words to her were “The funny thing is you’re not in love”

It’s been a rough patch. the only girl i ever truly cared about is potentially lost,  but for some reason i don’t feel better. The girl that i would talk every day with no matter what mood i was in, was gone because i became selfish. speaking of that, selfishness is a serious disease. you may not see it cause you’re blind but it’s right in front of you. I try to be selfless but i want things for myself. all i know is she thinks he’s right but i know she’s been taking lefts for a very very long time. 

The long… very long awaited sequel to the scarlet letter will soon come out and i gust dedicate myself to this blog. The things that happen in life suck, no matter how much it sucks. you just can’t wait around for it to get better. if you don’t try to do something to change it, it’s just going ot go downhill. i’m not happy that i’m losing close friends but what i do know is that if she really cared for me, she’d call me right now but she won’t. cause I know how she is. and it’s okay. when she cares about me and truly realises that i’m the only one for her then i’ll kindly respond with whatever i have to say. I know for a fact it’s not happening anytime soon so i’m juist going to do what i want now. i want to see how it feels o be selfish. 

In other news,hope you all are excited for the return of Anon Wiz and have a fun summer, i’ll try to make a post every monday wednesday and friday to recap you on my awesome but complicated life and hopefully i’ll try to give in on some clues to who i am. but for now, just live life, laugh and love and don’t hope. believe. it’s the only thing that separates us from the less unawesomnate.


Best in the world

Anon wiz


Being alone isn’t all that bad you know

You get to do anything you want, and go where you want to go

People may judge you for who you are

But you’re your own person, you’ve raised the bar

For the next person to follow in your footsteps

You can achieve goals and learn from your mihaps

The fact that you live gives you the right to do it

Even if it gets under the skin of your opponent

Live life without the love or enjoy the love as it occurs

But after you die, your life will become a blur

Being alone isn’t all that bad because you have your own legacy

The fact that you live, you can turn it into a Dynasty


Look what I found

Time is slow and beautiful, like the sun setting at dawn

I’ve been waiting both day and night to give you this letter I brought along

It explains why I like you and how much I would love spending my time with you

But this time, every time I try to give it to you, I back out fearing what you would say and do

My fear gets the best of me sometimes, im not afraid of a fight, a knife or a gun

But of a broken heart, It happened to me before but now all I do is run

I hope that this time I sack up and just give it to you, but like I said

I’m a little nervous and scared to even think about how you react, im mad

But God can help me, I know that he can and that he will

Cause I am his own student and my time has come to enjoy life’s thrill

I’ve learned about love, every aspect of it, no matter what happens I’ll move on

But if you miraculously say yes, then I’ll try my best, trust me, it’s my word, not anyones but min so hold on

Time will heal everything, i know becasue i met you after my last break up

And if you’re not meant for me, then i don’t deserve love, but time will help me, yup 🙂