972.428……………….= 6507/7

The title doesn’t mean much, it’s just that I’m sitting in math class just worried about what I should write about. Oh, so I’m reading these series of books; probably what got me into starting this blog. I’ll talk about them later cause I still have one and a half books left.

Anyways, Sitting in math class learning absolutely nothing cause my last good for nothing teacher decided to fail me cause I decided to take a month off for a vision quest (When I try to find out the meaning of everything, discover myself… sort of coming of age again)…. damn Catcher in the Rye reference. There were still three tests that i Aced and not a single incomplete homework. Does attendance matter that much?Why do important businessmen have web chats on their web cams like the adolescent teenage girls these day? I’ll sound like a total stoner but ” Come on, they spy on us man. You can’t trust the system”…. But sadly i need to trust the system because I do use the internet more than anyone. Oh and texting is like taking candy right from a baby. (Which i find completely unnecessary…. Just get a 50 cent airhead from the store).

But in reality, I need to wake up, go to classes, do work and trust the system because just like everyone else I consider myself different but still live in the same daily lives as ” Others”


With a notebook and a Pen



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