After the Gospel

So, what could possibly happen to me if the blog becomes “The Next Big Thing”. But I don’t care about what happens. All I know is that I need to share my thoughts just like every other damn person in this world. I hate how we try to differentiate ourselves to the point where we are still just the same. Thoreau was right, when a path becomes created, more and more people start using it. No wonder he left the place. But that’s not my worries. My worries are more concerned with me; I have never been selfish in my life, that’s the only good thing I can say.

Yup, that’s me, the kid who always gave and never got. It’s kind of like those movies where “The desperate teenager” somehow manages to get the girl he likes, beat up the bully and get his life together in an hour and a half of screenplay. But I’m no Marty, to befriend a crazy scientist and change my past and future to get things my way. What’s past is past, and what comes my way, well… all I know is that shit will be going down.

Hopefully I can further your education on the life of a loner who sits in an empty room; the lamp shining over the laptop, trying to come up with cliche ideas to relate my life with. But all that aside, the journey ahead will reveal more about yourself than me. Because not only will I help you find out why you’re alive. I’ll find a way to assure mine isn’t just rotting as  the kid who reads and understands but never shares his thoughts. I feel like Holden but rather than taking in the fact that change can be good, I just hate it.


Stealthy as usual…



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