Expecto Patronum

And “Voila”, the blog seems to continue. I didn’t think i’d actually continue this due to the fact that I just started and have nobody to listen to my words. Whatever, its only matter of time before some “stoner” falls upon this site. Oh and i will be making a lot of Harry Potter references so if you don’t know what I’m saying just leave a comment. Just don’t come to my house and kill my parents. I can’t believe I found humor in that, I’m going to hell.

So looks like I’ll be making more than one post a day cause I’m a little paranoid and love to just talk and talk and talk and talk.

But anyways, I couldn’t sleep last night for some reason. So many ideas were flowing through my head on what i should talk about. Even though I said we aren’t different, it doesn’t mean that we think  or act different. It’s just that the ending results are the same. I want to talk about feelings, subjects, objects, movies, anything to keep me away from being bored. It’s like Sherlock experimenting on Watson’s dog or trying to create a silencer. I feel as if I have a bit of Sherlock in my system. I always deduct and induct, I don’t really have any good friends expect for this one girl I’ve known pretty much my whole life. Oh and i know for a fact that I have Shawn Spencer like hormones; Why? Because, i always have that eye for detail and i love it when everyone’s staring at me thinking ” This guy’s a totally out of his Fucking mind!” and then actually proving a point with no similarity to the actions I just portrayed. I feel as if story telling and writing is my main advantage in life. Oh the amazing things I can help the entertainment industry make.

Oh okay, I have to get ready for college. If you still have any unanswered…… FUck you


Yours truly….



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