Today, finally went back to my old self; Playing soccer, watching soccer, reading, writing singing playing; I was back on track. I even tried recording some of my stuff but soon gave up because if I go too far in-depth with my personality people would find out who I am. But as hints, I’ll be posting some pictures of places, people, objects and drawings. And to make sure nobody cheats. I’ll dedicate a song to the first person to get my name without using any hacking type shit because that’s how Larry got caught.

I’ll end it at that. Not even my “friends” know that I’m doing this. Some of you may be wondering why I’d be putting quotes around that word, and it’s because I honestly haven’t found anyone worthy of that word rather than that girl I’m in ” Love” with. Ugh i hate that word as well; But that’s just a different story, different post, different feelings. THis one is about being immensely bored.

Have you ever been so bored you started eating coco leaves? Have you ever been so bored you started shooting the wall? Have you even been so bored you started waving a cactus around? Oh and my personal favorite; Have you ever been so bored you went to the bank asking for a loan to help create a set of strings that allows you to transport snacks from one place to another by the click of a button? Sherlock, Sherlock, Black guys pissed off and my favorite Shawn Spencer.

I have been bored for the past few days but like I said, today’s the day I am back into action. So Natasha be ready for Monday. Friend whose presence I enjoy (LOL), be ready cause I will be hitting on you both like I’ve never done before. See I went on one of those vision quests today, but the problem was that it was like twenty degrees out and I wore shorts and a t-shirt. I also forgot that there are coyotes in the woods and potheads tend to be getting high deep inside of the woods ( Which i consider very smart of them because being close to the outside world also means getting caught easily). The vision quest in the other hand lasted about four hours. I found this nice rabbits hole that I could dig into and made myself a nice hole. by next week I’ll have it padded and then I’ll bring in a television…. Joking, don’t bring anything to your vision quests rather than a book, a notebook, a pen, food, water, and a phone in case you need to text your friend.

But altogether I’m back, and this blog o’ mine…. It’s gonna get intense!

Digging for an answer…



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