Shot Through the Heart

Finally evening… Now I can finally tell you about the rest of my day (Wooot Wooot). So in math class this girl kind of caught my eye. And today I finally had someone open me up and make me be that kid that used his jokes and smile to flirt with women. And I couldn’t believe it. The funny part is. Most of my jokes were just mere remarks about the teachers ability to teach us. But nonetheless, she laughed and smiled at everything I said. Is that a sign from God? Am i finally going to get the girl? Fifty minutes went by like a snap. i found myself talking to her since I left class. Im on the first floor all ready? Wtf!! If i actually wanted to love again id have asked her out for coffee. Too bad I  hate being hurt. Dam you Natasha!

Lol the title of this post isn’t about Natasha though, i spent the day with my friend and he decided to smoke me up at his house. Oh and he had a pellet gun and shot me every time. Yeah it hurts. Should friendship be this way? I think friendships end when you disregard your friend’s attraction towards a female companion and try to woo her yourself. Oh or when the dam female decides to friendzone the damn motherfucker.

Well Im off to a party. I guess ill try to find a way to talk there but for now, Peace Out

Getting shot….



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