The Climb

Today was a pretty good day. So much to talk about now. I woke up to my teacher texting me saying that i don’t have English today. I was pumped; more time to chill with my friends. Little did I know that in Math, I was going to take a quiz. I got on the bus and went on in my adventure. The bus ride was fun,  I listened to music cause that’s all i could do, it’s not like a girl is just gonna appear. But yet, it was a foggy, damp morning in the cities I passed. Almost felt like Holmes walking down the street with my pipe.


When I got to school, I hung out with people (lol), got baked and then went to class. It was funny until my teacher gave us all a quiz. I helped my friend cheat and knew the answers like a maze. It was all fun and games until we smoked the third final blunt… met some hobos in the spot, they gave me a couple of sips of their alcohol. The bus ride was sure of a hell something as well. It wasn’t that far into the ride when my friend called saying it’s nice out and told me to come to see something with him.

This is where I climbed Horn Pond Mountain. the mother fucking HPM. It took a while but we got up to the top. This place was beautiful, we could see everything. And sitting by this plastic but wooden bench (IDK HOW THAT WORKS OUT) and taking good amounts of hits game me the idea, I’m going to skip the next few days and go on a vision quest. I’l take pictures; and whichever ones I like, I’ll post

But all together, you all need to find a good place near you where you actually feel calm and peaceful. I live near a lake, it’s pretty much down the street. I go there every day and stare at the water, and when motivated, I walk in the woods.


but tonight i’m going to tell everyone the meaning about living, and how I’ve once lived. loved. and died.


Under a light…




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