It wasn’t as complicated as it seemed; I moved from place to place. Started off in Euro-Asia and moved here when I was 13. I used to be the shy kid until i realized that i have uncontrollable urges due to my so called ADHD. I became the kid everyone picked on to the kid they all made their close friend. I grew mostly around girls (my cousins are made up of 95% of females and my parents friends children make up of 80% girls), and that’s where I learnt that feelings are important, and I could read anyone anyhow and understand how people think. Within five years I became the kid everyone trusted and all the parents couldn’t get enough of me. Life became complicated when I started liking girls.


I’ve pretty much done everything in life; I take everything as a challenge. I’ve started off with winning the division one youth league soccer championships to rock climbing, hiking, and fighting. I might sound a little conceited but what ever. I would’ve won class flirt but a gay kid beat me. But nonetheless i still hooked up with girls every day, where I learned I am very good at pleasuring. But I did do more than just “do girls”. I know the woods like a map, I know my way around places, I’m great with words, I’m great at anything I put my mind to. almost won a Literary Honors Essay in high school. I’m not bragging, I’m just stating my so called accomplishments. I’m not going to state anymore but let’s say skydiving and actually getting the girl I love is all I have left to do.


I’ve liked many “Females” in my life… All right that’s pretty much it…… joking. I’ve only fell in love three times; a brown chick, a Russian and currently, secretly, my best friend. I started out with the brown chick and she was a weird story. 10th grade….. I said something offensive and she  didn’t talk to me for months and when she finally did, we went out for a while. It ended when both of our friends and a kid that I hate (I’ll soon have an enemy, always wanted one, but for some reason never got one)  started getting involved for no reason and then we were over. The Russian was a nice story I guess. from halfway through 11th to the ending of 12th. We were always on and off, always fighting about random shit. Now the girls on my school always asked me to “help them out” and somehow I never said no. We ended when she left for the motherland. And my summer was wasted “helping” out friends and talking to my best friend. Who knew i’d soon fall for that little bitch. The only problem is that I’ve known her way too long to know that she wouldn’t be involved in a relationship with but, but that doesn’t mean i’m not going to try and keep her happy. I let my friend go for her but he couldn’t do anything correctly and now she’s going back out with her ex and happy. I don’t mind cause she’s happy, and i learnt that love and I don’t go together.


After brownie, I hit depression because it was the first time someone beat me at anything I loved. I knew I was going downhill and everything else made it worst. I found out who my real friends are, everyone started changing and my parents started fighting; which soon became beating and abusing me with words. It started off with a good ass metal rod but now just painful vocal exchanges. I realized i’d rather take the outer pain than the inner. I died because i tried killing myself with sleeping pills but woke up at the ER and served two AMAZING weeks at the mental institute. I guess i’ve ben dead ever since summer of my sophomore year. I just put a smile up for a face and the only time I feel like myself is when with my best friend. Now i’m just a giver.

I think i’m saying these things is because i want people to understand where i’m coming from so if i say or do anything stupid let me know cause i’m always going to be right here, sitting in an empty room, lamp shining over the keys as they type away.

The story of my life

anonymous wizard


2 responses to “Intro

  1. It’s not that I’m a hater, but aren’t your fingertips doing the typing?
    But anyways deep stuff. Don’t ever think of yourself as just a “giver”. Fight for something that doesn’t seem like it’s worth it every once in a while. There was a time in my life where I didn’t care about anything and let people walk all over me. I’m not that big when I stand up tall, but I do my best to stand up for myself. You should do the same.

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