Beyond the Tracks

This part of my blog is going to be about stories that I created in my head; They involve how i think of everything as a mystery and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. I’m Sherlock, with my partner Watson, about to take on a paranormal case:

So, here I was, sitting in a one door car because my partner is too lazy to fix his car. I ask him “all right Watson, when we reach the house, I’m going to be going straight to the point, I don’t care what crazy story this woman tells us!” I raised my voice to assure that I did not like anything about this case, nothing interesting, typical woman came across an animal in the wild and thinks that it’s going to kill everyone. Watson pulls onto the side of the house, next to the fence.”So I guess I’m going to be doing all the talking since my ten-year old partner whines about his boredom” “Well, looks like I’m not the only one who knows how to hurt people”. The house was bright yellow, almost white if you actually tried comparing it. We knocked on the door and this woman, or estranged creature answered. She was wearing a black robe as if ready to go out. “Thank God you guys are here, I’ve read a lot about you on the news” “Yes, I don’t understand, were you planning on going somewhere?” ‘Oh quit it Sherlock, It’s cold as hell up here.” “Well I’d invite you in but we’d better get on with the case”.We walked down the street. No lamps, just fog and the light from a now setting sun. “When did you say this started?” Watson looking at me, knowing that I will hold nothing against this insanity. “It was about two months ago, I saw people not from this area heading down that road and after that I’ve been hearing these screams and voices…” stumbling onto the trail ” This way, and what I did last week would make you’re knees tremble”. The trail in the other hand was bright as an orange. A straight passageway going off into the world. We passed some graffiti and logs made to look like seats. As we climbed onto the train tracks after the woods. Two tracks lined up, separating the place we came for, and the place the woman started pointing at. We started experiencing things that even I couldn’t explain…. well, for now.

We got onto the tracks and the woman starts talking ” Becka…. That’s my name”. Beyond that second track  was the same woods, but Becky seemed to be horrified by it.”So what is it that you brought us here for exactly “Becky”?” I decided to get to the point. “Sherlcok” Watson wanted me to stop but I guess the engine was starting up. ” After hearing these sounds I decided to investigate; two weeks ago I dressed as I am now and went to see what was causing the screams. I passed the tracks and went deep inside there. After a while I thought that it was just my imagination but I started hearing a heavy breathing nearby.” She started sobbing a little but I needed more.” So you’re telling me someone or something was watching you, or following you, or were you scared?” “Sherlock, not now” “Yes, I was scared but it was all ready too late, i ran out of there but I heard it following me ripping my head hood. And as I turned around and saw this giant red-” At this point she looked like she was about to cry but I needed more.” So you’re telling my you were scared by a little red riding hood beast now huh. Has it occurred to you that you’re just a pathetic civilian in need of dire attention because after you’re husband left you, and you’re daughter left you, you have nothing left to do but to ruin my valuable time? I don’t need a case like this, i’d rather send maniacs like you to prison for the fun of it because I loathe liars…” “Sherlock, shut up, that’s enough!” Watson trying to comfort a now crying Becka Cahill.

After we left Ms. Cahill at her home, something caught my eye. Her windows have been barred from the inside; The glass hasn’t been washed but what happened right then, gave me the spoofs. We heard a loud thud coming from the direction of the events. This thud sounded like something was hit very hard. By the time I could even think about the major possibilities of the sound. I found me and Watson on the tracks all ready.” So you really didn’t have to yell at her like that you know. She just lost her husband who was fighting cancer, her daughter is married and doesn’t even keep any contact with her and her son-” ” STOP!” I screamed. “What son, she never displayed she had a son, she didn’t even mention him when I was yelling at her” ” That’s because you insulted her and hurt her” “I don’t care, what about this “son”?”…. Watson looked at me and said ” He went abroad to study, he’s been missing for the past  month” And that’s where I smiled. We have a family all separated from each other, mothers a loner, daughters a gold digger and the son is missing. “We have ourselves a case” I claimed. I was ready for this.

The next morning we went straight to the spot without visiting Ms. Cahill. I took out my pipe and proceeded on putting some low-class marijuana in it. “You’re choosing to do that while we are working? Did you know this is the only case in weeks that you’ve taken, we need the money”. Watson worried too much. I took a couple of drags until he joined in with me as well. The trains passed twice within the hour. We stared into the woods trying to figure out what the sound was. ” I remember in Baskerville when the fog was induced with a stimulant that affects a person who has a high level of sugar in them. Remember how i tested it out on you and all it was was just you’re brain imaging it?” Watson replies “Yes I remember. You think that this is the same scenario?”. I tried to deduct every possible idea but my mind was in discombobulation. Then it hit me. ” What if she is telling the truth?”. Watson looked at me with distrust. “You’re telling me you actually believe this shit now?” He was right, I may possible think that we have a real beast at our presence. We walked away from the tracks and I had a headache. I needed a place to sit, so I sat on the log which got my attention somewhere else. “We have here a circle of logs and in the middle is a fire pit. Cahill said that people were walking down the streets. So lets say they settled here when they came here but how come the pit is still warm and black, with more wood?” Watson looked around ” We should study everything here, this actually may be a crime scene.”  I started investigating the moment I sat down but i guess a little movement isn’t that too much of work. What was here, a campfire, kids probably decided to paint the floors and walls- wait a second. ” Watson, come read the paintings on the floor and rocks”. Watson was about to question me but then said ” They look like the doings of young kids trying to have fun.” I ignored him and each graffiti had a different image but the came color.” Watson, what word do you see more on the white paint?” He looked at the rocks and walls ” M-U-S-T…. Must? That’s an odd word to be used don’t you think?” But I was far more glued onto the most intense marking; ” Watson, you really need to see this… As he walked over, by the time he got here, his eyes widened and mouth dropped.” Is that what I think that is. We both stared at the marking of a huge star, outlined by a circle and another circle around it. What scared Watson the most was that there was burnt hair, a bone, and clothing at the points of the star.

“I think that we should leave-” we both started uttering until we were interrupted. The thud was heard again but this time it hurt both of our ears and we both found ourselves running out of the foggy road. We knocked on Cahills door but she answered later than she did last time. ” Oh hello, did you hear the-” “Yes, Ms. Cahill, now tell us about those people you saw” Watson was talking while I tried catching my breath. ” They were walking in a weird fashion, like the ducks fly? And they were holding small candle sticks. Oh my!” Her voice cracked ” You don’t think it’s some type of c-cult do you?” “Well we were supposing that-” ” We were supposing that they could’ve been kids because we caught two misfits painting all over that area” Her face turned pale… “You’re telling me that the screams and people were just kids? That sounds more convincing than the whole cult thing, I must be in over my head.” She started smiling “I’m so sorry for bothering you guys. I’ll let you out now”. She shut the door on us in a charming fashion. We got into the car and headed back to Baker street.

” I don’t understand, why didn’t you tell her about the cult ceremony?” I looked at him ” Did you see how her face went from concerned to scared, as if she was surprised?” Watson stopped the car, looked me in the eye and smiled ” I think we should go back and talk to Becka again.” I shut him down “You go to the woods and tell Lestrade to come meet you there, I’m going to go back to the tracks and see what’s really going on.” Watson turned the car around and we re-opened, well continued our case. Watson dropped me off at the house and left for Officer Inspector Lestrade’s house. I slowly jumped over the fence and looked for a way in. All the lights were on inside, so I waited until they were turned off. As they all turned off I saw Becky leave the house. Made my breaking in, easier, and less violent. The windows were impossible to break through unless the bars were cut. But the doors aren’t that hard to unlock. The lights were candles, so I took out my flashlight, sure enough it was better than fire. I searched the whole house and everything seemed up to par except the basement door. The moment I opened it a huge figure emerged from the darkness knocked my to the ground and ran out the door. I knew for a fact that this was the so-called beast from the woman’s tale. But what was it doing here?

I met up with Watson and Lestrade wasn’t present. “He said he’s getting back up because half the time we do something, we end up with 3 against more than 3″. I chuckled ” Well who said solving crimes was easy?” Watson looked at me  with a serious face “Becky passed the place a while ago, she was talking to herself, saying that everything went well but that it also went wrong. Then right before you came this man running like he’s been scared passed” I started running ” That was a beast Watson. He’s going after her!” Immediately Watson took his revolver out and we booked it. We didn’t even think twice about entering the second part of the woods ( Which for some reason we avoided). About ten minutes in we were lost. There were a couple of broken trees but nothing else, until the faint scream of a widowed mother was heard.

We ran back to the tracks to find a tall big man covered in blood holding a body over his head. Lestrade and 5 other armed men approached from the other side. ” Put the woman down and get down on your stomach!” Lestrade tried sounding reasonable but before the man moved, he was shot down. It was just one shot, right to the head. Lestrade asked around who shot but all his men were as confused as her was. The woman was all ready dead. ” What is this all about Holmes? A beast of a man, woman frightened to death. What happened?”… My favorite words. And I started ” The man is the woman’s son, he came back a month ago but because he was here to tell his mother he didn’t want to go to school anymore. They got into an argument and she tried killing him. She first drugged him into insanity. Then punished him by whipping beating and hurting the poor fellow. She was going to kill him and make it look like a cult but the only problem was that nobody these days have plain candles, always scented. SHe however had a house full of plain candles.” I smiled proudly. ” What the fuck do candles have to do with this Holmes” Lestrade said ruining my moment. ” The candle wax around the star, is from her candles. She was confused when she heard about the kids so she needed to see what went wrong.” “What kids?” Lestrade needed to shut up. ” We tricked her, long story, but here’s the best part, she didn’t know that some sociopath would break into her house and let the jacked up scared beast looking for revenge out. Of course, he knows the woods, he grew up here with his mother, he followed the trail and found her. Hence killing her.” The sun was coming up as we stood there. ” And how did the so-called man wilda-beast die?” ” I”m sure one of your guns went off” Watson finally decided to bring that up. One of Lestrade’s men called him out ” Sir, she seems to have a note in her hand” We walked over and Lestrade read it out loud: ” Dear Sherlock, haven’t heard from me for days huh? You’re wrong about Becky though. She killed her husband and every time she comes here she thinks he’s going to be getting her, I sent her son to her and she played this game. I helped by drugging the poor fellow and calling her mommy myself. She never felt loved in ages and she took me in. I saw you through the windows. And I saw you at work. She was just in a game I wanted to play with you. I heard you love games. But see I never lose. I’m better than you Sherlock, and the shot wasn’t from any of the blue pigs, but done by me……. Moriarty.”

The name shook in my head. I almost passed out just hearing everything. I was being played with this whole time? The case was designed to see how I act and think.? He knows how I work, when I lie. “Moriarty is in way over his head and you know it” Watson tried comforting me but it didn’t work. ” Don’t take it personally buddy, he’s  just a psycho waiting to get caught”. Lestrade… I don’t know why and who allowed him to talk. The only reason I was relieved was because even though I’ve been outsmarted, Moriarty outsmarted himself. Because as I stared into the trail that lead to the road, I saw a line of blood from a hurt mastermind who didn’t know the beast would attack him as well. I smiled, looked at Watson and said ” He may get away with it now, but when he makes a mistake, I’ll be there to grab him when he falls, or I’ll fall with him. Only one of us will survive though”. Watson smiled back ” And I know for sure who it’s going to be…


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    • Thank you. I can’t write more because these stories just hit me. I just have to keep roaming around. I like you’re blog as well, kind of reminds me of certain books but nonetheless i enjoy them

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