Game Day

So yeah, people are coming to my house for a “Super Bowl” party. I personally hate football. Like the longest I have ever watched a game would probably be like 15 minutes. Even then I was like “Wtf, this is like rugby?”. I think rugby is a bad ass sport because I know I will never play it. I love soccer; people call it a pussy sport but it requires the most strategic of minds to play. I’ve been playing my whole life and eve then some people can take the ball from me or beat me at defense. So the Patriots vs Giants. didn’t they loose like four years ago. Didn’t New England learn that even with one loss in the whole season they still won’t get the shit. but that’s past. I’m going to be in my room playing FIFA or i’m going out for a walk. It’s pretty cold though, so I don’t know whether I should make my all ready cold sickness into a fever.

This is going to be one of those shorter posts because my mother wants me to do some chores. I’ll talk to ya’ll later


IN a hurry


Anon Wiz.


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