What is love? Why does it exist? Is it really worth it? Can it make you feel different? Many questions come up when thinking about this topic. Everyone has their own definition of it. For parents, it’s when they wake up and see their kids and significant other everyday, happy family. For young adults, it’s to experiment with their current girlfriend and seeing how far they can actually go. For kids it’s getting a girlfriend and for children it’s to have those small play dates. I’m going to put both good and bad emotions to this post. And here it goes

To me, love is pretty much the enlightenment in life. The ultimate motivation, allowing you to do whatever you are capable of. Love is when you can’t stop thinking about the girl. It’s about smiling and having an irregular heartbeat when with that  person; And hearing music in your head every time you think about them. My favorite is hearing their name or seeing them everywhere you look. God, love can be one of the greatest things in life and it makes me smile every time. I love talking about this subject cause not many are educated in this affair.

There are only tow major types, fake and real. I hate about people who over exaggerate it. So pretty much We can easily tell fake love is when you think you’re in love but it’s just an attraction. Real love, however, is when you are willing to take anything away from your life to be with that person. No matter how badly that person harms you, you’ll be there for them. Love is what makes the life of anybody into something they’ll never forget. Fake love, we’ve had it before; we say the three magic words but never truly mean it. We break up, move on, break that up and move on. What’s the point of that, cool bro, you hooked up with three girls and still haven’t found your special someone, I’ve been with this bitch for a year and yeah, it’s real. I’ve experienced both and I’ll get to them soon.

I’m gonna say this and I’m gonna start with guys cause, well I know everything about them, every move, every thought, it’s easy to say what they’ll do next. Guys are kind of the so called “Dogs” in the gender war. We are usually getting with girls for the “fun” part. And even though I know that they eventually fall for the girl, my question is why do we want sex before love? Is it really necessary to do all this shit and end up breaking a girl’s heart? I get pissed every time I hear a guy say that he’s getting pissed off at the girl they’re interested in because she won’t touch your junk or that they won’t give it to you. Guys really are dogs, we stare at girls like they’re cars. We need to everything to be perfect but perfectness doesn’t have any spice in it. Altogether some guys aren’t like other guys. Must of used that line like a crazy motherfucker.

Girls in the other hand are an other story. They fall in love like a fat man at a twinkie factory. ” Oh I love him, he came home last night and made me laugh” ” Oh so, the other day, he took of his shirt and gave me a message, OMFG I think he’s the one” Which i don’t have anything against, go get your hearts broken, I’m used to it. But my complaining begins at:

a) If you think the guy you like just wants you for sex…. leave him. I”m single, why not come to me?

b) Don’t go out with an ex… Like really, if it didn’t work out the first time, it won’t work out now.

c) If the guy has you smiling and laughing from the first time you met him. Keep him close. Never lose him

d) If someone loves you more that they love them, and you still say no, you’ll never get anyone

e) If you’re a conceited bitch and you think everything is based off of looks, you’re just going to end up with nothing

Those are my complaints because girls have more things to worry about than guys. Guys just need a wallet, a nice car, look nice, and a condom just in case  (the guy side of me). Girls need to make themselves look good when the guy that likes her without the make up watches her make out with other kids. But the only reason he doesn’t say anything is because he is happy you’re happy.

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. All I’m wanting to say is that love is one of the most amazing things in life. I miss it every second of my life right now even though I really like my friend. But I have to get over that, and I will, hopefully. But for anyone who thinks love is lost, it isn’t, because you guys will find someone. You need to Climb up, over the top, Survey the state of the soul. You’ve got to find out for yourself whether or not you’re truly trying. Why not? Give it a shot. Shake it, Take control and inevitably the wind up. Find out all the strengths you have inside you.

I messed up my love life entirely. I have a crush on this girl from my math class but i’m in love with my best friend. But every time i talk to either of them I feel the same. It’s just that Natasha makes me feel like myself where my friend makes me feel great. I can easily tell jokes, yell and talk with one while i’m mesmerized by the way the other one looks. Natasha, you’re gorgeous, you’re funny, and you love my jokes, thanks for making school enjoyable for me. And my best friend. stop staring into my eyes, the ADHD can’t control itself. Urges drive me crazy.


And girls, stop telling guys that you love em unless you really do. Cause you put them in a spot where they don’t know how to handle the situation and fuck everything up. I enjoy the fact that my life sucks because I can help others. This life lesson is to teach you the fundamentals of love. what’s good, what’s bad. My life experiences helping you. If you need to talk about any problems feel free to leave a comment, I’ll help a nigga out.


Cold as hell (PARADOX)



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