I seriously do not understand why I didn’t say anything for you guys yesterday. I guess I was kind of busy because I was getting things done. I finally got Natasha’s number, I ended a rivalry between me and my ex, and I finally got my mind working again. I don’t really know what to start with first because that they all had an impact on me. Today in the other hand was pretty mice as well, I stood up to this teacher who now respects me. And I had the whole house to myself.

So yesterday, me ex decided to come over and chill. First of all, she stood me up twice, tried to get her boyfriend to beat me up and then one day ignored the door. I fucking saw this bitch watching tv, I knocked on the windows, ignored. And she decided to show up. And i’m a sucker for eyes, some of them I just can’t stare into cause I lose myself, some of them I cant stop staring into because they look awesome. So she we talked and finally decided what’s past is history, the future’s a mystery and the present is a gift. Kung Fu Panda shit right there. And now I have a new friend in my list. Or should I say and old one.

After her, I went on facebook and started talking to Natasha. She is a very different individual. She kind of makes me think about everything we talk about. She’s only had one real boyfriend and she broke his heart. So i’m just worried about that part. After an hour she was getting off and she gave me her number so that we could continue talking. God we haven’st stopped until 1 in the morning. Then all day today. Lucks finally getting back, and oh, i’ll tell you why I think so.

I picked up the guitar today and learnt a new song. Called Live High, by Jason Mraz. I good fan of his work, he’s got the music talent. Main reason I love singing. But my favorite musician and definitely Eddie Veddar, I rather to listen to his work rather than to play it. But I listen to Mraz more than anyone. And a lot have people sent me messages asking me questions so come on, more viewers mean better things to talk about.

Today these things have an impact because i’m finally writing again, i’m finally singing, happy, willful, eager, i’m feeling like my old self again, maybe depression won’t be as bad as I think. Hopefully either things with natasha or my best friend works out. God i’m restless.


Tired as hell



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