The red but also orange letter Part 1

I woke up to old Mrs. Hudson holding a tray of morning coffee and the stale biscuits she adores so much. Mrs. Hudson is an annoying widow but she is the best mother figure I’ve had in a while because my rel mother is always and has always liked my older brother Mycroft, who has a very large enmity with me; But my mind is on this Moriarty character. He’s been challenging me for months but stopped last month. I felt as if he had been sent to prison but after a thorough investigation, that was crossed off the list. This man was the suspect of my first case but nobody believed me and it was written as a drowning. He held strangers hostage and communicated with me through them; He told me if I didn’t solve the unsolved cases each victim would die horrifically. But now, he is just a memory and nothing else, but I’m still alert, in case he wants me off guard. “I think he’s given up” Watson said “I think that since you’ve beaten him a bunch of time, he quit. Holmes, you have nothing to worry about.” He sounded confident but looked worried, even he knew something was wrong. “He set me up and played me on our last case; he’s preparing himself, for an ingenious plan to see how far I can go.” All Watson would do is stare in pity and leave. Mrs. Hudson wouldn’t leave me if I’d had burned the house.  She was the closest thing to family and i enjoyed her comfort. As i picked up the tea-cup to drink, i nearly kicked the tray out of her hand when I saw a small box and a letter sitting on the floor. The parcel marked “SHERLOCK HOLMES”

Mrs. Hudson told me it was on the steps early this morning and she was surprised herself. I never get mail, i don’t engage with anyone and I don’t have friends. The only time I expect mail is when Watson orders medicine or lab equipment for work. Dr. Watson, is too busy to pick up my calls, so I opened the letter and stared to read:

Dear Sherlock,

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. How are you holding up. I’m sure you’ve been thinking about me because I haven’t stopped for you. Now, to the catch, I’ve set up a series of events and I want to see if you can solve them. Each event will not be repeatable and it means that you have to be on your toes. Tell Watson that he’ll be needed for participation because both have to be involved. What one of you lack, the other re-cooperates. Get ready, I’ve gone to my limit  to set this, let’s see who wins.

Your Pal


I set the letter down and looked at the box. I knew the letter would have some type of challenge but the box caught my eye. It looked like a ring case but the item inside was much larger. I opened it and a bronze key was sitting in the black box. All I knew was, this is the first clue. I tried to think of every possible place I have been to that requires a key but this key was different. I called up Watson. We have a case.

Watson read the letter twenty times and still thought that he was not needed.” He wants your skill. You do everything better than me, so why am I needed?” I told him that he can think things through before doing them, he knew the right approach and he was a doctor. He took up the offer because those were the “nicest things I’ve ever said” to him. We sat waiting for whatever Moriarty had planned. We even stayed up nights until  finally, Lestrade called. ” There’s a bank robbery in London.  One dead body recovered, over a million bills stolen and the suspect is said to have just disappeared.” This was definitely the works of M. since this was the first successful robbery in a year and a half. The victim was shot twice, the vault was opened without hesitation and all the witnesses claim that they heard someone in the room and the robber went in with the money and fired twice. He never came out and the money was gone.

So to recap this, a robber walks into one of the most well guarded banks and holds everyone hostage. He gets the money, kills one of the employees hiding in the rooms. Then without saying anything, never leaves that room. I wondered how it was possible but turns out Moriarty was right. I can only go with the facts on this one, there is no way to recreate the scene.  I stood at the scene at least trying to defy Moriarty’s odds but nothing. The facts were facts, and I can’t just assume this and that. I looked inside the vault and random lockers were opened. It wasn’t planned, the robber just wanted to take some money from the cases right?…. I though about it for a while when I saw a pattern. I worked with the facts, Moriarty is obsessed with me, so how else is he going to rob a bank without opening the numbers that spell my name. Case 19, S, case 8, H, and etc. When I got to the K, I noticed it was unopened, Inside was a letter, marked “S.H”… The chase was on. I was ready for his game.


3 responses to “The red but also orange letter Part 1

    • Thank you, I’m trying not to get addicted to this site, I know that if I do, I’ll have the urge to reveal myself and I haven’t gotten my wisdom across yet. And if you should write a comic for this. Just wait until I finish this one. It’s Sherlock’s most difficult case.

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