So, it’s been a while since I actually had something to talk about. I’ve been busy finishing up the Sherlock story but I enjoy how I’m thinking of different things and i’m going to let my imagination run wild. So the story is going to take a while to finish up. This post however is about a little more about how I like things done rather than how it needs to be.

Today’s topic doesn’t get all my credit. Natasha was telling me about her essay in English. It’s about Education vs. Knowledge. First of all I agree with the whole education part. Even though I hate to admit it, it’s the only way you can actually be set to do anything. It’s like considered the “American Dream”. To have a nice job, a nice family, to be able to pay for you’re family. Like when was the last time someone actually achieved that. Like we have drug dealers, murderers, thieves; like honestly, people are getting killed over video games these days. I hate to say it but I don’t like living somewhere like that. When did any of us decide that we want more that what we need. We don’t need a Tv to survive; we don’t need a phone with internet and texting; When were video games soo addictive until now?

Anyways, i do contradict myself though, Because without television, I can’t watch my favorite shows and team. I use my phone to talk to my best friend and other people. I play video games all the time. But that doesn’t mean I’m not living the dream. I am, in my own little way. I enjoy my music and soccer. I enjoy the way i live life every day. If not happy, i’ll say eager to be happy. But that doesn’t mean i don’t risk everything either.

Risk. That is what i’m going to be talking about today. Now i don’t mean like, risk getting caught for murder or other unnecessary things. I mean like to look back at something and knowing that it was a good choice. Like falling in love, standing up for what you know is right. I want to take a car and jump out of  it before it falls off a cliff. Then I want to parachute off it. I want to run on the tracks and jump off right before the train hit me. If not, i want a girl that want’s to try that out with me. That’ll be the perfect date. Take her to the lake and talk to her for a while. then the tracks near by. DO the car thing and then watch the sunset at Horn Pond. That’ll be something.

But back to my part. RIsk….. we should do that sometimes

However i will not risk my heart being hurt, just not my thing




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