The red but also orange letter Part 2

This letter got me very excited. I could use any type of help possible for this case. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone as smart as Moriarty. Watson, disregarding me, took the letter and opened it without any questions. He stared for a while and his eyes widened. He gave the letter to Lestrade who read out loud:

“Hey Watson, I’d figure that you’d be the one to want to read this. You’re not that much to

care about right now so stop glaring and give it to Lestrade. There will be one more robbery.

You have one month to prepare for this. If you can solve the case, all the madness will stop.”

Lestrade stopped and looked at me as if this was all my plan. I couldn’t blame him, if I was bored to a certain extent, then i think I’d actually think of something like this. He put the paper in my hands and said ” He reminds me of you, but more evil, and smarter.” I chuckled but gave him the death stare. I looked at the letter.

“Aah,  Sherlock, about time it was your turn. Did you like this. I made sure everything

confused you. Now, I feel bad about it, I just can’t let my biggest fan off like this can I?

I decided to give you three clues to help you in this case. This is only a one time chance

so take these as a gift from yours truly:

1)  The robber is the victim

2) The victim did get away.

3) How many people are involved?

I’ve been waiting to meet you, your fan


The clues were nothing, just mere riddles that were going to be hard to solve. All I knew was that in a month, he was going to strike. “So who robed the bank, the robber or the victim, or is Moriarty just playing with us?” Watson taking the letter and running through the words again.  “The robber is the victim and the victim is the robber. Moriarty wasn’t here today.” Watson looked up “Really, What makes you say that?” ” Because if he was here he’d have presented himself. He can’t fight the urge to meet me. There was a second man involved . To get to Moriarty, we need to get his partner first. And from what I can think of, his partner isn’t as smart as we think.

I thought long and hard about how to find out the identity of Moriarty’s second-hand man. After a few charts of ideas, the best was to look at the bank footage and see any repetition of faces, objects, anything that looks suspicious. I wrote down every person I saw. This took about a couple of days until I could distinguish a pattern. I finally resulted in seeing a man whose face I could never see. He knew every blind spot in the bank. The same man, who robbed the bank. I re-watched the footage from the bank and watched his actions. He came in; hat, jacket, glasses; He avoided the camera until he went up to the officer and knocked him down. He then proceeded in firing two shots to the ceiling and then asking an employee to get the money. After a couple of minutes, he comes out of the vault and asks everyone to get into one spot. Then, he looks to a faculty room and runs in, two flashes and then after ten minutes the police show up. This robber, was definitely Moriarty; But how did he do it, and why didn’t he show himself?

I started looking at the bank footage from months ago, and almost went the ones a year ago. I needed to see the face of Moriarty. So in two weeks, I can walk up to him and…… I didn’t know what to do. Would I shake his hand for giving me the rush of my life? I could beat him to a pulse. But none the less, I needed to know. Then I found what I was looking for. Almost a year ago, same man, same hat, same glasses, but one of the most familiar faces I’ve seen. I even refreshed the image to see that face change; but it never did. I got up, called Lestrade. I asked Mrs. Hudson to prepare food, we were going to have everyone over. “Make some sweet tea, salted peanuts and chocolate biscuits. And for dessert, make some pumpkin pie. cause it’s our guest of honor’s favorite……. Watson.

He came first, not even wasting time “It’s about time you realized that I’m very important in your life. What did I do? Did I just solve the case. Oh let me guess, somehow I helped you find the criminal” “Yes, keep chuckling you dirty dog!” He was put straight to silence. I just stared at him with distaste while he smiled and enjoyed the evening. Finally Lestrade came, holding a nice bottle of wine in one hand and a French baguette in the other. “What’s it this time Sherlock? And sorry, I was really unprepared” I took the bottle and placed it on the table ” Unprepared or lazy? the bottle’s about a quarter full and the bread is hard” “I don’t know what’s gotten into him; He’s been an ass to me since the moment I got here” I gave him the death stare and he went back into his seat. ” Listen Sherlock, we understand that this whole case thing has been driving you crazy, and well don’t worry, we have the British government give their most experienced of agents. Your brother Mycroft sent ten of the best spies in Europe. We’ll get that bastard Moriarty so drink it up why don’t you.” I looked at him dead in the eye and told him ” Maybe Moriarty isn’t even real. Maybe the culprit is sitting right in this room. Maybe Watson could give us an idea on who I’m talking about.” Watson looked scared but I saw the look of confusion in his face. “Sherlock, what are you talking about?” I told him everything, showed him the video and we discussed about it.

Watson would not stop pacing back and forth; He started off slow but then became very fast. Soon he started mumbling. He was scared, his voice trembling every time he tried talking. Mrs. Hudson hugged him “Don’t worry, he can’t do anything, we’ll tell everyone that there’s a fake.” “Tell everyone, you’re going to tell everyone in this bloody planet that we have another Watson loose?” Lestrade laughing out loud. After midnight, we made a list of every bank that has a possibility to be attacked. We tried coming to our top three but couldn’t make up our mind. ” Maybe he’ll end up not even robbing a bank and playing with our men, after the station sends all of their men, and even the agents, every other bank would be open, I think we should guard the bank that is easiest to break into.” ” You can’t just say that, you can’t try to think like him,  you’ll never be him because you’re Sherlock, the greatest damn detective I’ve ever seen, don’t let him get to you; He’s trying to break you.” Lestrade was right, I was better than to let someone take over my thoughts. Moriarty want’s to show off, and the Bank of London would be the best place. I laid in bed. Two weeks before the robbery, I had to set up everything.

We were getting ready, we had 100 men scattered around the area. I planned in such a way nobody would know that there were even cops. They were all undercover; some walking around, some disguised as employees. We had men come in and out every hour so that there wouldn’t be any suspicion that anything was happening. Everything needed to be different. Moriarty is a smart son of a bitch. He’ll know every precaution that a cop would make. So Lestrade put me in charge. This was a game of chess. The men my pieces. If Moriarty plans on trying to escape with a single penny, he’ll be up for a battle. Watson sat next to me. We disguised ourselves as a rich couple. We looked out-of-place, but harmless.

Watson wore a dark blue suit with a large beard. I in the other hand had to make sure nobody could recognize me. I wore a large wig, fresh shaved legs, a tight dress, a nice bra and lipstick. Not to lie, I look almost better as a female than a male. We entered the place separately but sat next to each other. Watson got tired and got up. He stretched for a few seconds and then walked away from me. ” Where do you thin you’re going” I whispered. He pointed at the phone booth and headed for the empty stall ” I can’t just sit around waiting for someone to start shooting, Moriarty will know something is up, so I need to look busy.” He entered the booth and put in coins. I though why but then again, it needed to look real.

He stood there dialing numbers; He was getting smarter, I was proud but was soon overwhelmed by confusion when I read his lips. ” He’s sitting……..I”m in the booth…… around…………” I got up ans slowly walked towards him. “Sherlock’s coming….. I have to go….. Begin the plan…..” He opened the door, looked at me and smiled. He then took off. He was faster and had better agility getting past people. Out ear pieces started up. The main station sent an urgent message to everyone. ” The Bank of London has been breached . All on-duty officers, report to the area” But we were all ready there, nothing was happening. Why did Watson run away.  Where is he? I’m sure he didn’t even leave. I lost him in the crowed. I looked at other officers. All of them confused as me. “WATSON!” I screamed for him. “WATSO-” BOOOM

The last thing I remember was that everyone was on the ground. I couldn’t stand up, the explosion came from the booth. The whole area around where the once booth was, is now gone. I started hearing sirens. I got up, my ribs hurting, the police are helping the civilians. I looked around. A tingling sound was buzzing in my ears. I called out for him again. Hoping for once I can hear him yell my name ” HOLMES”….. I grew tired of him calling me by my last name but this is the only time I would have accepted it. “Watson!” nothing. I tried calling out the second most important name I could think of.” MORIARTY!……… Come out here and face me like a man. “MORIARTY!!” there was a second and third explosion outside. I could hear the cars crashing and the sirens quieting down. I fell to the ground because of the aftershock. The first time I’ve ever been lost. First time I’ve ever actually been beaten. I called his name out one more time, but that was halted by a clapping.

*Clap *Clap… I looked around but I couldn’t see anyone. ” Turn around Mr. Holmes” I turned around. There stood a man. A big smile. Holding a bag filled with money. I’ve seen him before. I knew this man. He’s been by my side this whole case. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was almost at worst as catching a fake Watson on the footage. He walked up to me and handed me a letter. He whispered into my ear. ” Moriarty sends his most greatest of regards” He then walked away whistling. The tune to a certain Pink Panther theme. He stopped, did a dance and then walked right out the front door. I knew from the very second, Moriarty beat me at his game. I looked at the letter. Marked ” SHERLOCK HOLMES” I took the letter and read the title, ” Check Mate”. As soon as I read the words out loud, I fainted. I had a red but orange letter in my right hand and the theme of the Pink Panther stuck in my head. And the smile of Moriarty. But it was my move. If he can move the pieces when I’m distracted. I could do the same.

Next part coming soon

Yours truly

Anonymous WIzard


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