Fire Alarm

The funny thing about this post is that the tittle has nothing really to do with it. It was pretty nice the past few days. Thursday I went to classes, and owned the teacher in both my classes. I would answer all of my Business teacher’s questions on something tht i never even did. In psych, I was the leader of the group I was assigned. Maan, I was king for a day. Friday was great as well. Took the guitar to school, played for an hour and a half straight; my throat hurt but I got used to it. I think my friends setting me up for a gig, it better not be where I work, or else I’m killing him.

After school, I came home and was home alone for a while. Mom came home and we watched a movie on netflix. It would be fun but i couldn’t understand a single thing that was happening. After my dad came they had to go out for the night. My cousin came over and I somehow persuaded him to smoke a bowl with me. We got high, i did some stand up comedy for him. I really should take that as a job choice cause I can be that funny. We started watching Netflix and he fell asleep in my bed so i had to go in the restroom. Today was better in some sense.

Woke up pretty early for someone who slept late. I went to the bathroom, took a poop and looked for what i though to be a small pile of turd; This shit was like everywhere, i’ve never seen soo much turd in my life, well rather than you of course. lol. Just kidding. In my head i was like ” FUCK, IS THIS HEALTHY???” I then just left and went to bed. I thought it would be funny to lay in bed and text Natasha, and that’s what I did. I was talking to her last night but fell asleep while doing so. The day was spent with me playing xbox and talking to people. It was brought to a halt when i was playing soccer in the back yard and my dad told me that i had to go to a party.

I wore a white shirt and a sweater-vest cause that’s how fly I am. Now i didn’t know my jeans had a gaping hole the size of my dick when i left the house. Halfway through the car ride i belt a breeze and i was like ” FUCK”. so i went to the party like a man and showed off. It went by well, people were singing, i was walking outside. Then during a fire alarm, while i was taking a piss in the bathroom, i was forced to get out. But i did meet this pretty nice girl though outside. She wore glasses, pretty tall, pretty hair and she’s kind of pretty. Now anyways, this girl was all right, had the traits of a girl i would appreciate. Not like those sluts that i used to think were cool. Then health class taught me about aids and other STDs that i will not bring into the family.

So the weekends not going that bad, had fun, met a hot girl, learnt a new song, worked my ass off and now i’m in bed texting that girl. Oh yeah, i got a girls number with a hole in pants. It would be more of a friendly jesture but come on, i like the way i think better. She was my type of girl but now added to the whole best friend and natasha list. I can’t believe i like 3 girls. It’s like i don’t know who wants me. I’ll go with the best, idk who because i haven’t chosen yet. And yeah, it’s funny how a fire alarm can cause so many things to happen. I’m glad, only now will i say that was fate. God wants me to think, who else is going to write about this, Chaudman????? I thought so.


In bed.


Anonymous Wizard



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