The Scarlet Letter part 3 Final Countdown

When I woke up, I was in bed. I looked around but couldn’t find the letter. Mrs. Hudson was sitting on a chair at my bedside. Startled and not in such a loving mood, I kicked the hand holding her head up and had her face-plant on the railing. “Dear God ! You’ve been gone for the past two days and when you wake up… you…. you…..I missed you. I thought you were going to die.” She was tearing up but I didn’t give in, like usual, straight to the point “The letter, where is it?” I eagerly asked, and then remembered the most important part, she looked more upset,”Watson?” She made some coffee, and told me the rest of the so called “Event”.

“After you dozed off, Lestrade tried catching the man that gave you the letter. Bu before he caught up, the man vanished in thin air. Lestrade followed him into a alley, and the man just wasn’t there. He put up a search party but still got nothing.” She stopped, walked into the study and come out with the Scarlet letter that I have become accustomed to. ” I opened it but just didn’t have the courage to open it.” She handed me the letter and asked ” I’m just letting you know, no matter how much evidence is pointed towards Watson, I don’t believe that he could be Moriarty.” I slowly got out of the bed, my legs felt numb, I felt dizzy and the aftershock was still in my system. I walked into the study ” Can you close the door before you–” THUD! Mrs. Hudson was all ready on it. I sat down, turned on the lamp and took the letter out of the envelope. I checked the time 2:33am, what a blast. I read out the title of the letter….. ” Dead Man Walking”

Dear Sherlock

Sorry about not showing up; i was at a blowout party. There were so many people, even loud music and flashing colors. Did you like my surprise Holmes? Your face was priceless. I think I actually broke your mind. Now a chance to redeem yourself. The final part of our game. I call it, ” The day SH and JW beg for their lives”. Oh yeah i forgot. Before you ask about Watson, I’ll bring you up to date. What time is it? Let me guess about 3 in the morning? I knew you wouldn’t waste any time after you woke up. So get ready, read slowly, I want a real reaction out of you. After the first robbery, after all of you separated to search for clues, I had my second hand man (Since you all ready know) to kidnap your beloved Watson. I created a clone of him and sent him to spy on you for me. It wasn’t hard for you to easily trust Watson because you don’t need to pay attention to him to trust him. But you almost had him when you called him out, but to my surprise he actually got away with it. Your task is t find out how I created this master plan. The answers are right in front of you.

The Genius


I re-read the letter, thinking if he tried putting in a little puzzle but nothing. He may have been spot on thus far but he made a mistake, he doesn’t know that I woke up earlier and the fact that he thinks he’s a genius. I’ll give him credit, he did pull off the greatest crime I’ve ever seen. I read every other letter he wrote and tried finding a clue but all I could find was the same threats, the same thing, him trying to throw me off, giving me a chance to redeem myself….. Maybe I did fail, maybe he was right. The answers are right in front of you… Bullshit… I looked at all three letters and then it hit me.

The “D” in the last letter threw me off. Now I know his first name or at least the beginning of his first name. Who is he? What does that even stand for? I knew only one person who would love to help me find out who this … this… Sociopath…. is. I called him ” Come over now….. I don’t care if you’re finally get it, we have a murder, kidnapping, identity theft and the most important case in my life. You have about twenty minutes.” Lestrade came over in a flash. ” Really Holmes. sometimes you just have the worst timing” he then gave me the warmest hug. ” You gave all of us a scare. But, what do you have that’s so important?”

“The last letter, his initials are D. Moriarty.” I gave him the letter. ” Yes do you know how many people have the last name of Moriarty but The D could potentially narrow it down. But then again, I personally met a couple of D. Moriartys’ myself.” He smiled, ” And what does the most independent detective want from me?” I knew he was mocking but this was the only time I let it slide “I want you to search every D. Moriarty in your system, give me all the names, addresses, ages… I want everything.” He somewhat made a frown and said ” Now i can’t disclose all the information Sherlock. you need to understand that I can’t just give you them.” ” Listen, Watson is missing, just give me the list and i’ll find him.” Still. Lestrade got up ” I just can’t Sherlock,” he started walking over to the door ” Maybe I accidentally sent you an email rather than the File directors in at 6.” He smiled , put on his hat, and left. I looked at the time, it was 5:30am. I went to bed, not sleeping, but assured that I am getting closer.


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