Hey everyone, how are you guys doing? Sorry, I kept myself occupied with some things and I’m glad I did. Now i’m not going to update you guys on my life but i feel as if it’s needed to tell you. Finally got my voice back, guitar skills increased, Natasha and i are getting closer and in English, I think I’m the best one there. But au contraire to that, my best friend and I rarely talk. And I haven’t seen her in two months.

The little things in life. Remember how i told you to enjoy them, well, i want you all to now, enjoy every chance you get. Do something fun, something you don’t ever do cause you’re scared, nervous or just think it’s a bad idea. I don’t care, streak in front of the President, as long as you personally had fun, then I guess it’s good. Now don’t actually go streaking, well at least in front of the “you know who”. But just try to enjoy life, i’ve seen how hard it gets as you all get older


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