So how come eve…

So how come everyone gets February and April vacation and I only get march…. that’s kind of just messed up. Looks like I’m going to be talking all vacation because I don’t have a car and two nobody is around to hear me bitch. So like, I love how it’s also wicked sunny but also windy. Messes up people’s hair, dust get’s in your eyes and the worst is when you’re wearing a skirt (as a shirt or as pants) that wind hits you, oh shit. i saw everything. your bra, panties, and that nicotine sticker. oh and then there are those people that wear like the warmest of all clothes because they think it’s going to be freezing.

you like how i made it loook like i was here the whole time and didn’t just ignore the internet for the past few days. Well it gets boring when nobody wants to listen to my shit. And my best friend tells me to text her then never texts back. Come on civilization, where are we headeeeeeed.


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