Tired but still awake with ease

Motivation hits him, taking over my mind, seized

He stare at the blank thinking what should this topic be about

A feeling, a memory, that sounds good but know I doubt

This being that he have created has no more fear

The unknown is known, he know lives anywhere

The writer stops and thinks of a perfect rhythm

This poem itself needs no criticism

He starts again where he left off

There were no noise the clock clicks soft

The monster is nothing like he viewed

He had become evil, unworthy, destructive and rude

The age of the teens have just begun

Control thyself, and nothing will harm you, none

The writer looks proud at what he wrote

He remembers the drugs the alcohol that he choked

Now he is controlled well within his reach

He puts it away in his pocket, and goes out to beseech

That time lost because of what had happened

But time goes forward. but it never ends


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