Look what I found

Time is slow and beautiful, like the sun setting at dawn

I’ve been waiting both day and night to give you this letter I brought along

It explains why I like you and how much I would love spending my time with you

But this time, every time I try to give it to you, I back out fearing what you would say and do

My fear gets the best of me sometimes, im not afraid of a fight, a knife or a gun

But of a broken heart, It happened to me before but now all I do is run

I hope that this time I sack up and just give it to you, but like I said

I’m a little nervous and scared to even think about how you react, im mad

But God can help me, I know that he can and that he will

Cause I am his own student and my time has come to enjoy life’s thrill

I’ve learned about love, every aspect of it, no matter what happens I’ll move on

But if you miraculously say yes, then I’ll try my best, trust me, it’s my word, not anyones but min so hold on

Time will heal everything, i know becasue i met you after my last break up

And if you’re not meant for me, then i don’t deserve love, but time will help me, yup 🙂


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