This week so far is coming along great. It was a great Monday. Didn’t think i would hang out with many people from my past. Its amazing how things between them and me. I always pictured each to become something they would never become just like others now. Speaking of that, isnt it weird how everyone’s changed over these years. Am i the only one that is still the same as i was two years ago? Anywhom, i hung out with two close friends from school and we were exactly like we were when we hung out a year before. Nothing was different. We looked the same. Acted the same. And treated each other the same. Now i hung out with each alone like usual. They are social but for some reason we always found ourselves alone talking.

Remember that friend who would sneak out and walk with you. Hold your hand. And just enjoy the company. No feelings rather than peace, safety, and adventurous. Ive never been so happy in a year than now. I feel wanted and not alone. There are people that even though they don’t know everything about you, they’ve always been the one to keep you smiling and believing.
Anywhom. Fourth of July today. Happy fourth of July guys. Hopefully more and more people start following me. Today was a great day cause even though i do the usual huff huff huff huff, i love my family and friends. Some friends i have gotten.closer to and some that are slowly drifting apart. Hopefully things get better but even then, this week many philosophical things are happening. Happy fourth of July.

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