The Last Scarlet Letter: Beginnings

I was awake but dreaming. The anticipation of catching Moriarty was driving me crazy. and Lestrade not sending his files on time was just an addition to my pain. D.M; the initials just sticking to the back of my head but thank god Watson’s name was more important. I just want to look Moriarty in the eyes and win rather than have him hide behind phone calls and stupid letters. I even tried looking in the mirror and practiced some catchphrases for when I beat him. “You’ve just been Sherlocked in a cell !” it may sound horrible but that’s the best I could think of.

I glared at the screen until it popped up, Every name with the initials of D.M living in England. Dennis; Donald; David all too easy names. None though, seemed out of the ordinary. Not a single name had given me the chills. I asked Lestrade to fax over any names in the past month with the initials admitted to a clinic or hospital. Hours of wasted time and still nothing. It would’ve been easier with Watson by my side; Speaking of that, what horrible things Moriarty could be doing to him. And with those thoughts in mind, i decided to motivate myself. I took the best type of Marijuana laying in my apartment and well.. you know. The simplest of things now will help my find who D could be.

The answers are supposed to be right in front of me; It’s always has been; what’s stopping me know? And that’s how i found it. P.D.M Professor Dean Moriarty. Doesn’t even look the way I pictured him. “Ms. Hudson!”. She was in the other room trying to get rid of the stench but the damage had been done. ” Sherlock, once more, stop smoking indoors”. I told her what I found. ” Wow, yes he looks very familiar but he can’t be the crazy lunatic that’s been torturing you, He’s very well-groomed, he’s rich and he’s a professor, why would anyone like him try to joke around?” I stared into his eyes, felt like we were having a stare down and he was winning. ” He’s the only one that’s been in a hospital due to ” Animal” like injuries and he was about to be instated as the head psychiatrist for me”. Ms. Hudson confused ” About to be?” ” Remember that time I got busted with cocaine leaves? well he signed up three times to be appointed to me….. plus just look at him; dashing smile, evil behind those innocent eyes. I’m going to Mycroft’s”. ” Why though, thought you guys didn’t talk” asked ms Hudson as i got up ” He’s the only person i know that reminds me of Moriarty.

Now Mycroft isn’t as bad as I Described him to be. He’s just more successful and has amazing knowledge about most things than me, but then again he’s good at his job, and I’m good at mine. Some belive if we put our hatred aside and work together, we’d be unstoppable, but that’s like Watson and I. He works for the government, so-called secret agent but yet I’ve broken in more times than anyone else has… that too with no motive but to show off. This time like no other, was easy; by the time Mycroft came into his office, I had finished his Breakfast and half his stash of pot.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here? Where’s my food, why does it wreak of…” His face turning red ” You know that I don’t eat anything but the food that is served here!!” I just looked at him and smiled. Not because it’s funny to watch him flip out but because I expect this face on my new enemy. ” Shut up, you still have half of your other stash, how about inviting me over or coming down to visit next time you decide to go solo on a pipe”. He calmed down, took a deep breath and begun ” I don’t know why you’re here, I’m not giving you money because I’m running low due to …*points at the bag of heaven* and I’m not disclosing any files for the case you’re working on.” I tried to intrude but once a Holmes starts, there’s no stopping him. ” Plus there’s this lunatic that’s robbing banks and he robbed the Bank of London three days ago, many injuries, explosions, cool things, cause I’m a spy, still trying to find out who.” He talked more about his troubles with women, mother trying to talk to me and how he still wants to hire me as his head detective.” Listen, I don’t know how but we both need to work with each other on this.”

I told him about the whole deal with Moriarty and showed him the letters told him about Watson and how this Moriarty character is starting to turn out be quiet of a hassle. We tried to figure out the next bank but so far we were stuck between two. Both miles away from each other. ” Think of it this way, we’ll have the police and my own agents in on this. There is no way he is going to escape this time.” Mycroft starting to name his best agents. but even with those words I was concerned. ” He’s got the ability to clone people, he’s cloned Watson, he’ll do it to more” ” Yes, but where is he going to find more and more people willing to change the way they look forever?” ” Who said forever, it could be just a mask” we argued for hours and finally came upon the idea; He sends half his agents with me. half with him, I send half my men to him, the others stay with me. this time please, for Watson, I knew we were going to have him.

This time no disguises, well for me. Everyone else was trying to fit in but I knew that even i wouldn’t fall for a simple costume. I waited, sat in the small wooden waiting chairs appointed from the bank for the people. This confused me, I couldn’t understand why this was going to end well but it didn’t feel like it. Now what i liked about Mycroft’s agents (don’t tell him) was that they knew how to *fit in and look legitimate*. I was assigned four agents, three working as bank employees and one sniping from an isolated room on the top of the bank. The only way to get in was from the roof so it did ensure that he could take care of it. As I sat there looking for the professor, something else caught my eye. and I sent a signal to the sniper to alert Mycroft.

The man who gave me the last letter before I passed out. He was slowly walking to me. Sweating, looking nauseous, he was still smiling though. I remember that face because he’s the man who caught me off guard. And i figured out why the last letter was labeled ” Dead man Walking”. The employee that was found shot and killed from the first case slowly moving towards me. Shoving away any stranger in front of him. His objective was me and mine him. Well to be clear I’m sure it’s not the same man but probably a man in a mask. As he got closer his face became clearer. I stood up but didn’t move, a woman carrying a baby quickly took my seat. The sniper had his eyes set, the agents watching but also not drawing attention to them. the man finally came to a stop. We were ten feet apart face to face. Then the siren went off * Attention, the Bank of Manchester has been breached….. All officers of the law. The Bank of Manchester has been breached* as my attention went back from the speakers to the man, he had a gun pointed right at me. My eyes widened and as I saw a flash of light, I also realized this is it. BAAAM BAAAM BAAAM, shot three times.


The final part – The Last Scarlet Letter: Checkmate

coming out next friday

Best in the World

Anon Wiz




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