Watson’s Escape

Dear Reader, so I’m sure you’ve realized this but I’ve been missing the whole story. I don’t know how long it’s been but it feels like a lifetime. From what I remember, the last time I was seen, before being kidnapped,was at that bank robbery. We had just received the second letter from Moriarty and we all split up to look for more evidence. I entered the alley to smoke and then it all went black. I woke up in this basement. Dark; one light in the distance next to the stairs, it flickers every couple of minutes. I can hear the rodents running around here and there. I was terrified, what if one tried eating me. The only way out was on the other side of the room. I knew my time and Sherlock’s time was running out. OH the horrible things Moriarty is doing to Sherlock up there. But from what I know, Sherlock would’ve all ready beaten him if he hadn’t kidnapped me.

My hands were tied to the ceiling and I just hung there. Every now and then this man comes down to feed me, after I finish eating (Which takes a while since there is no blood in my arms) he hangs me by the feet for a while. This would happen every meal so i could probably tell what date or time it is but then again, it’s the same old food every time; an apple, soup and bread. At first i wouldn’t eat but now every meal feels like a feast. I though and thought of a way out but I was out of energy and tired and possibly broken. Today, the man brought down chicken, bread and a potato. I figured that they definitely don’t want me dead and with that being said, I slowly ate the food, letting blood flow around my body.  I took in the energy from and food and figured now was my way out.

Every time I needed to use the bathroom the man would untie me, hold a gun and walk me upstairs. Usually it’s dark upstairs too but this time there was light everywhere. We were in a school, a university. But nobody is supposed to be in here. The university was shut down three years ago for the discovery of lice termites. But as usual, he walked me into the bathroom and stood outside of the stall. ” You try anything funny, you’ll loose bathroom privileges. after I finished, my whole body was awake, I was able to move freely. I opened the door, the man holding the gun and smiling. Within a flash, I disarmed him, hit two pressure points in both arms and one on the chest. (I am a doctor for a reason) Then a simple beating to the face. He was down. I took the gun and ran.

The first thing I saw when I stumbled out was the exit. Thinking that it would be way too easy, I decided to explore, that way i could find out what is going on. “NO NO NO, We had a deal, I tell you when the coast is clear and then you rob the bank, I’m done with this, give me my share or I’l–” BANG BANG BANG….. silence “Hey, what the bloody hell was that you buffoon? He was the only man we had who would actually wear and fit into the masks. Now I’m going to have to do it.” ” Sorry boss”. I slowly walked over and eavesdropped some more. ” Listen, Sherlock is scared enough, you should have seen the look on his face right before he got that letter……..hahaha……” the voices descended to silence. I peaked in and nobody was there. What was there was a body. shot twice and another body shot in the head.

I turned around and saw this big white board with words diagrams, graphs, statistics, history. I looked at the desk. Professor Dean Moriarty. He was the head of the Psychology department in this school. I read and kept reading faster knowing my time was short but then something caught my eye. There was the head of the victim from the bank robbery. It was just a s=mask but a really well constructed one. Before I could do anything the back room door opened ” And then when this third bank robbery takes place, we’ll draw straws and see who gets to do the honors” ” Boss, to be honest I’d like for you to do it, you’ve always wanted to do it” said the other man. “Listen, after it’s been done we’d have a very short amount of time before the Secret Agency, the special guards and the police show up.” And then they left the room. Trying to think what could possibly be the plan. I stared at the board and it hit me…..  the very last words on the bottom right corner of the board read “Shoot Sherlock  Holmes, Head, Chest, Gut”.

I was horrified, I needed to get out right now, i heard someone walking towards the room so i ducked under the desk. “Forgot my damn keys, where the hell are they, God dammit” he left the room but I could still hear him ” Boss I forgot the keys” “It’s okay, the only other person who has the keys to the basement is me, and Watson won’t be getting out soon” replied the devilish deep soothing voice of Moriarty. Then the lights went out, I heard a car start and leave. Then, there was silence.

The first thing I did was try to leave the school but the doors were shut. There was no way out. It was the dusk of morning and there was escape. I looked around trying to find something and then it hit me. “The idiot lost his keys” i went back into the room and searched. It was behind, what now isn’t there, the mask. They took it, it’ s happening today. Sherlock Holmes is going to die. I unlocked the door and ran. I was in the middle of nowhere, who builds a small university in the middle of a huge field. I found the road and just like Sherlock, tried to think where I should be going. The Bank of London seems like a good place to rob but the Bank of Manchester was closer. I finally stumbled into a street with many cars and found a cabbie. “Bank of Manchester please if you get there in fifteen I’ll triple it” he didn’t…. I got out of the car and bolted in front of the bank. As I looked inside I could see Sherlock sitting at the lobby. As I tried getting his attention, his attention was at the man walking towards him. The same man from the bank robbery. Sherlock stood up and I kept screaming “Sherlock!….. Holmes!!!” but he just stared at the man.  I saw the man form the back and he took out a gun. My eyes widened. I knew this was the end. BAAM BAAM BAAM Sherlock’s body fell. I couldn’t save him.


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