I will be home

So, hey there, it’s been a very very long time huh, can’t believe i remembered the password to this darn account. But, i guess it’s a good start. I’ve had what some people call a very dramatic  past few months, but i like to say it’s the best coming of age story yet to write. Two best friends. one’s a player, the other one is just completely stupid. and then when the stupid one dumps the girl, the player falls in love. It’s weird. i’d get more into it but it’s been an amazing journey. I’m completely in over my head when i say this but.. i really am in love. shes got the eyes, the hair, the attitude, the smile and the greatest personality. She can always make me smile and laugh but this post is’t about her. But i love you.

I’ve been busy for most of my time, but i’ve decided to start a new story, a story that i will promise to actually keep writing and continue writing until i finish it. But before i start, i have to finish the one i’ve begun. So without much further adeau, here is the last installment of the Scarlet Letter;

I fell, my body hit the ground like a rock. I was bleeding from the gut, my heart stopped, and there was a hole in my head. The crowd was wild. The baby in the arms of the woman who took my seat was crying. Those were the last cries I heard before I died. Everyone was screaming, crying. I was motionless. Blood was flowing more heavily now. The man who shot me stared at me “I knew you were easy to kill just not this easy.Then again you deserves to die.”He moved closer puts a letter into my front pocket and walks away. Police men arrive outside, more cars than usual and then the Secret Service cruisers appear. The pitch black cars park and men after men come out, ready to fight against this terrorist we all know in one name. Moriarty

The man is still a few steps away, walking into the crowd but before he could disappear, Watson comes out of nowhere and tackles the man to the ground. He gets on top of him and starts brutally beating the man. ” I’LL KILL YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH”…. you can actually hear the man’s head bounce back up from hitting the marble floor.” Everyone was out. There was Watson, the man in the mask, and a dead body. The dead body of a man who was the master at catching criminals, the man who has never needed the help of anyone, a man who no matter what, is always right. Watson gets up. His fists still clenched, you can see a little blood on his knuckles. He walks over to me and gets on his knees. Starts to cry. “Sherlock…. why, why do you always have to take the case.. this one I told you was dangerous.” His breathing becomes heavier, you can actually hear this grown ass man crying, like a kid who didn’t get what he wanted from the candy store.”HOLMES!!” he screamed my name.”You are and always will be the greatest human to ever walk this bloody earth. you can’t leave me, I need you everyone needs you.” He wouldn’t touch me, he wouldn’t even open his eyes to look at me when he was saying all these things. that’s probably cause, that body is not me.

Moriarty got back up, spit out a mouthful of blood. “Poor Holmes…” He walks over to me. kicks my body” “YOU DO NOT TOUCH HIM YOU LOW CRUEL PIECE OF TRASH” “Woah waoh waoh, calm down Watson, you and i both know that this was just a game.” he smiled at Watson. “GAME?! YOU killed the only friend I had, i have, and will have.” “Come on, you don’t think killing him would be that easy?” “I saw your plan, you disgust me” “I disgust you?? HE DISGUSTS ME!” the echo heard in the room. “HE lives, catching criminals, saving people, he’s a god damn national hero!” “HE is a hero, and three times the man you will ever be” “I beat him, at his game, three times actually, i also took what mattered to him and used it against him” Watson looked confused “I’ll kill you right now” Takes out a gun but before he can do anything “WAtson” the name echoed in the room, He looked confused, It wasn’t Moriarty.” they both looked around the room. “Look up you blabbering idiots” they looked up and there I was. Smiling, holding the rifle, pointing right at Moriarty. “We finally meet, for real this time i guess” They both looked at the body, there lay one of my favorite ideas ever. “You see, it’s not hard for someone to make a mask, come on, you think i didn’t think of this idea before?” Moriarty starts clapping “well played Holmes, well played indeed. He starts walking away, Watson holds the gun “Face us you coward” “Let him be John, We’ll see him again won’t we Moriarty?” He turned around. Took off his mask, and there was Watson. “Nobody has ever seen me” he laughs menacingly and walks away. “Oh and Holmes. Do read my letter. it’s the last one you’ll ever get.”

Watson went over to the body, and took out the letter. “Should I open it Holmes?” he looked up but i was gone. He stared at the letter, thinking, and finally i came out of the elevator and snatched it out of his hand. “He said this is the last letter i’ll ever get. not read.” “But come on, we all ready won, what else is there for us to do?” I looked at him, and he looked at me “i’m the only friend you have?” Watson punched me across the face. “i’m sorry, John, well you can use the letter to wipe away your tears” and he punched me again. we both started laughing, We Won. 



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